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Federal D.O.T. Inspections for Bedford, PA,
And Surrounding Areas

The Best Department of Transportation Inspections Near Bedford, PA

When you need federal D.O.T. inspections for Bedford, PA, and surrounding areas, visit Interstate Emergency Services for your commercial trucks. According to federal law, commercial motor vehicles, such as semi-trucks weighing more than 10,000 pounds must have D.O.T. inspections. Doing these inspections keeps commercial trucks legal and safe and ensures components of the truck do not pose a risk. Our certified on-site inspectors can perform prolific D.O.T. inspections on any commercial truck. If your commercial truck needs inspection, give our office a call at (814) 623-2894 to make an appointment.

What is the Importance of a DOT Inspection?

While a DOT inspection is a legal requirement, they can also help identify any mechanical issues with your truck. Identifying these issues before a breakdown can save you a lot of time and money and avoid further unforeseen circumstances. By having a federal DOT inspection, it ensures the truck works appropriately and avoids mechanical failures. DOT inspections by Interstate Emergency Services can make your routes safer and worry-free.

Interstate Emergency Services D.O.T. Inspection Checklist

During your D.O.T. inspection, an Interstate Emergency Services crew member will examine a variety of parts on your truck. Below is a list of components that we ensure are in safe working order in accordance with the law:

• Brakes
• Cargo Fastening
• Coupling Devices
• Exhaust System
• Fuel System
• Headlights
• Steering Wheel
• Suspension
• Tires
• Turn Signals
• Windshield Wipers

We recommend keeping this full inspection report or returning it to the company that owns your truck. It is also best to keep a copy in your semi-truck as law enforcement officials may request it during a traffic stop. It is important to know that several states require commercial trucks to pass state inspections, separate from a national D.O.T. inspection. You must follow state guidelines if your semi-truck is registered in a state with such requirements.

Call Interstate Emergency Services in Bedford, PA, for federal DOT inspection.